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Product safety in Australia is governed by the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) which comes under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010.  The ACL was introduced in 2011 as a harmonised system of national regulations. This operates with the provision for local state and territory interim bans, where necessary.

In this section you will find information about legislation, product liability, penalties and consequences, and Commonwealth legal cases relating to product safety. There is also information on the changes to product safety in Australia.

This section provides information on legislation across Australia that governs product safety.

This section outlines the enforcement tools available to government consumer protection agencies when unsafe and non-compliant products are supplied. It also includes the results of enforcement actions by government agencies involving products that breach safety bans and mandatory standards.

This section provides details of legal cases and court enforceable undertakings. It is searchable by date and product type.

This section provides an overview of product liability under the ACL.

This section has information about mandatory reporting of product-related death, injury and illness under the Australian Consumer Law, and includes a link to submit a mandatory report.

This section outlines the rights consumers have under the Australian Consumer Law if a product they bought is unsafe, and the obligations Australian traders have to comply with laws on consumer guarantees.

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