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Monitoring safety

Product safety regulators continually monitor the marketplace for any possible issues or dangers. Many products are safe when used appropriately. In cases where there is evidence of risk we regulate specific products. In other cases we may investigate issues for any further evidence of risk before taking regulatory action. 

These pages inform consumers and suppliers about ongoing safety issues related to use of products or substances and safety issues we are currently monitoring.

What causes safety issues?

Product safety issues may arise because:

  • design, structural or performance problems make a product unsafe
  • a product doesn’t work the way the way it should and operates in unintended ways that make it unsafe
  • suppliers have failed to ensure a product meets requirements of a ban or mandatory safety standard
  • a product is old, has parts missing or is broken
  • a product lacks adequate information for assembly and use
  • people have unsafe ways of using a product that can cause injuries
  • people don’t read instructions for assembly or use or fail to pay attention to warning labels.
Browse safety issues related to products on this website.

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