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Legal cases and undertakings

From this page you can browse product safety legal cases by product category or date and view the latest legal cases and court enforceable undertakings.

Latest legal cases and undertakings

  • Date commenced: 16th October 2013
    Between 22 July 2011 and 26 May 2013 Brand Republic sold five different children’s nightwear garments that did not comply with the mandatory standard for children’s nightwear.
  • Date commenced: 17th September 2013
    Bunnings Group Limited supplied Matchstick roman style indoor blinds (Matchstick Blinds) that did not comply with the relevant mandatory product safety standard.
  • Date commenced: 20th August 2012
    G & R Wills Holdings Pty Ltd supplied baby walkers, and offered to supply two models of strollers, which did not comply with the relevant mandatory product safety standards.
  • Date commenced: 22nd May 2012
    TWM Imports Pty Ltd supplied hydraulic trolley jacks that did not comply with the mandatory standard and made false and misleading representation in relation to the jacks' compliance with the Safety Standard.
  • Date commenced: 30th November 2011
    Lenan Corporation mislead consumers to believe that its 'Organix Ever Straight Brazilian Keratin Therapy' range of products did not contain any formaldehyde, sodium or sulphates when that was not the case.
  • Date commenced: 26th October 2011
    Sontax Australia Pty Ltd supplied luggage straps with non-compliant warning labels
  • Date commenced: 23rd August 2011
    Privity, trading as Haircare Australia, misrepresented to consumers that its Brazilian Blowout hair straightening products did not contain any formaldehyde when that was not the case. Independent testing found formaldehyde levels to be 50 times greater than the safe limit.
  • Date commenced: 15th April 2011
    Traders supplied bean bag covers which failed the mandatory labelling standard
  • Date commenced: 24th January 2011
    Online trader, Philip Robinson, sold non-compliant infant sleep bags known as Grobags
  • Date commenced: 21st December 2010
    Mr Hamanth Ravi, trading under the business name Salaam Bollywood, supplied chewing tobacco which is a banned good.

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