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Baby exercise jumpers

Baby in an exercise jumper

A baby exercise jumper is usually a suspended sling-style seat hanging from a spring and/or rubber cable that is clamped above a door frame. The baby bounces in the seat by pushing with their feet against the floor.

Child safety experts do not recommend baby exercise jumpers, as there is a high risk for children to fall or trap and pinch their fingers. Children may also experience developmental delays if  they repeatedly spend periods of 15 minutes or longer in exercise jumpers. Experts recommend using a stationary play centre as a safer alternative for children to play with.

Children using an exercise jumper can suffer:

  • limb and head injuries after falling from the jumper if the laces snap under tension or if they are not securely fitted in and strapped into the harness
  • injuries to fingers if they become trapped or pinched in the springs and chains on the jumper
  • delays in learning to walk after spending too much time in the jumper.


Injury case studies

Date commenced: 25th January 2010
Injuries with baby exercise jumpers can occur when babies lurch towards doorways or when the product's stitching or straps snap under tension.

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