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Group of colourful balloons
Children can choke or strangle themselves when playing with deflated or broken balloons or balloons with strings.

Balloons are inflatable bags, usually made from thin rubber, that are commonly used at children’s parties as decorations as well as playthings.  Balloons come in a range of sizes, shapes and colours and sometimes with text or decorations printed on them.

Although not dangerous in themselves, balloons can become a hazard when they are deflated, broken or have strings or cords tied to them.

Children can suffer:

  • choking or suffocation after placing parts of a burst balloon or an entire deflated balloon in their mouths, especially when they suck the rubber into their mouths to make bubbles
  • strangulation after getting the string or cord tied to a balloon caught  around the neck.

We encourage parents and carers to always watch children playing with balloons, keep unused balloons out of reach of children and dispose of deflated and broken balloons.

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