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Pull along toy train
Most push-along/pull-along toys are safe. There are things to consider such as cord length and sharp edges if you plan to use push-along/pull-along toys.

Push-pull toys are ideal for young children when they start to become more mobile and take an active interest in exploring their surroundings. Toys that children can push or pull along include items attached to a cord or a rigid handle such as a walking trolley with blocks or a toy stroller.

When using these toys, children can suffer:

  • strangulation if they become tangled in cords or strings that are long or form a loop or noose.
  • cuts and stabbing wounds caused by sharp ends or exposed nails on the handles or thin strings or cords that can cut through the skin.

Parents and carers should take care to ensure pull-along toys have:

  • no long cords that could strangle a child
  • no sharp edges, exposed nails or thin cords that could cause injuries.
Mandatory Standards

Mandatory Standards

The mandatory standard for toys for children up to and including 36 months of age came into effect on 17 December 2003. It covers specific testing methods, as well as design and construction requirements.


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