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High chairs

High chair
A high chair is a piece of furniture with a seat raised high off the ground. It is used for feeding babies and toddlers.

Children using high chairs can fall and suffer serious injuries from:

  • falling after they try to stand up or climb into or out of the chair—falls are the most common type of injury involving high chairs
  • having fingers, toes, limbs or their heads  trapped, pinched or crushed by moving parts or gaps
  • choking on easily detachable small parts.

We recommend choosing a high chair that:

  • is stable
  • has no sharp edges
  • has no exposed folding mechanism or gaps that can trap fingers or limbs
  • has a harness or other appropriate restraint system to effectively stop your child from standing up and falling from the chair or slipping down between the tray and the seat
  • has no small pieces that a children can easily remove and place in their mouths.

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