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Bows and arrows

Child with bow and arrow
Children can suffer from serious injuries to the eyes and face from arrows.

These projectile toys are associated with many injuries to children.  Always supervise children playing with bows and arrows and warn them not to fire at or near others.

Bows and arrows are not recommended as toys. Children can suffer:

  • serious injuries to their eyes and face, including blindness, if arrows are dangerously projected towards their face
  • accidental cuts, piercing and stabbing if they come in contact with an arrow that has a sharp edge or joint.

There is a mandatory standard for projectile toys - see also information on these.

Mandatory Standards

Mandatory Standards

The mandatory standard for projectile toys was declared on 7 July 2010 and comes into effect on 31 December 2010. This page includes information on hazards and how to comply with this mandatory standard.


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