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Care labelling for clothing & textiles

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Care labelling for clothing and textiles covers items such as clothing, furnishings, plastic coated fabrics, leathers and furs. 

Care labelling provides the public with enough information to:

  • know how to care for clothing and textile products
  • have prior knowledge of costs such as dry cleaning in the ongoing care of clothing and textile products
  • understand how to clean clothing and textile products properly (e.g. cold hand wash only)
  • maximise the useful life of clothing and textile products
  • avoid damage such as dyes running (e.g. wash separately).
Mandatory Standards

Mandatory Standards

The mandatory standard for care labelling was initially introduced on 1 March 1980. It was then amended in 1 January 2004 and reviewed in 2009. The latest revision of the mandatory standard came into effect on 1 September 2010. It covers requirements for care labelling for clothing and textiles.


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