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A bean bag is a material sack encasing a large quantity of polystyrene foam beads. Usually, a bean bag is a classic pyramid shaped sack used for seating.

Children are at risk of serious injuries or death if they use a bean bag that fails to meet the mandatory standard or is damaged. 

In these cases, children can suffer:

  • choking, particularly those under three three years, if they inhale the polystyrene beads contained in bean bags — bean bag fillings have been associated with a number of chokings.
  • suffocation if they crawl inside a bean bag cover and have their breathing restricted by the bag and its contents.
Mandatory Standards

Mandatory Standards

The mandatory standard applies to bean bags and bean bag covers that have openings through which the filling can be accessed or can escape, and prescribes a labelling requirement for packages containing bean bag filling.


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Injury case studies

Date commenced: 25th January 2010
Children can suffocate if they are near bean bags without adequate adult supervision.

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