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Selection of cosmetic products

Cosmetic products are used on any external part of the body, including the mouth and teeth. These products are used to:

  • cleanse, perfume or protect the body
  • alter body odours
  • change the appearance of the body
  • maintain the body in good condition.

Consumer labelling of ingredients on cosmetics such as make-up, deodorant or moisturiser usually appears on the packaging or outer casing of the product.

This labelling is important for consumers who have sensitive skin or allergic reactions. If ingredient labels are not present or are inaccurate, a consumer can expose themselves to ingredients that may cause harmful allergic reactions. 

To minimise this risk, a mandatory standard exists for Cosmetics ingredient labelling.

The National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme (NICNAS) also has a cosmetic standard that you can view on the NICNAS website.

Mandatory Standards

Mandatory Standards

The mandatory standard for ingredients labelling on cosmetics came into effect on 31 October 1993 and was last amended 23 May 2008. It covers labelling for cosmetics.


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