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Chemistry sets

Boy working with a chemistry set
Chemistry sets can be dangerous if used inappropriately or by children who are too young. Children can suffer from burns and suffocation if they are unable to use Bunsen or spirit burners properly or if they do not have adequate adult supervision.

Chemistry sets can help children learn about science in a fun, relaxed way at home.  While many chemistry sets exclude the most dangerous chemicals, a harmless chemical or a mixture of harmless chemicals in inexperienced hands can be dangerous. That is why it is crucial to supervise all children when they are using a chemistry set.

We recommend you carefully check a chemistry set before you buy it to ensure it is safe and appropriate for the age of your child. Young children are at risk of suffering:

  • burns if they attempt to use a Bunsen or spirit burner
  • breathing problems and suffocation if they inhale fumes from a spirit burner
  • illness if they swallow spirits from a spirit burner.


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