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Who does what?

Consumers, individual businesses and  many other organisations work together to contribute to consumer product safety in Australia. Government agencies work with consumer groups, businesses, safety experts and standards writers to maximise the safety of goods sold and used in Australia.

Product safety overview

It is not always easy to work out who does what. The diagram below gives an overview of the various roles played by different parties in product safety. This diagram is also available in a text only version.

Organisations related to product safety


Commonwealth, state, and territory consumer protection agencies play a role in improving and promoting product safety. For details, view:



From manufacturers and importers through to retailers and hirers, suppliers need to be mindful of their products’ safety. Manufacturers have the greatest opportunity to influence the safety of products at the design stage. For details, view:



Not all products require safety regulations. But many injuries can occur if a product is not used as intended. Consumers play a vital role in the product safety system by choosing safe products, using products safely and reporting unsafe products. For more details, view:


Other organisations

Certain other organisations, both private and public, play a key role in supporting the system. These include but are not limited to: 

  • testing and quality assurance services
  • standards-setting organisations
  • university research centres.

International organisations

Governments in Australia work with their overseas counterparts, as do business and consumer organisations. International collaboration is growing quickly and certain international organisations promote this, including the: 

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