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When a safety problem in a consumer product is identified, suppliers or government regulators may determine that the product needs to be recalled.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) manages a national internet database, the Recalls Australia website, for all product safety recalls directed at consumers. 

For suppliers

Where can I find information on recalls and how to conduct a recall?

Guidance is available on the Recalls Australia website to suppliers who have identified a product safety risk. Suppliers can use recall notice advertisement templates when advertising the recall in print media, online and in-store.

The publication, Consumer Product Safety Recall Guidelines, also provides information on how to conduct a product safety recall.

ACCC staff are also available to provide advice about how to conduct a recall.

Suppliers can stay up to date on the latest recalls in their sector via email alerts, RSS feeds and the Recalls Australia app - see 'Checking for recalls' under the Consumers section below.

Has a death or serious injury or illness been associated with a product? You may need to lodge a mandatory report with the ACCC. More information and the online form can be accessed on the Mandatory Reporting page of this website.

Who must be told about recalls?

When a product is recalled, suppliers are required by law to notify the Commonwealth Minister responsible for competition and consumer policy within two days. This can be done using the online recall notification on the Recalls Australia website.

Depending on the product being recalled, it may also be necessary to notify a specialist Commonwealth regulator or a state or territory electrical/gas safety authority of the recall. To find out more, visit the Recalls Australia website.

For consumers

Information about current and past product recalls and what to do if you have a product that has been recalled is available at the Recalls Australia website.

Checking for recalls

There are a few ways you can check for and stay up to date with Australian product safety recalls. You can:

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