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Playpens are used to restrict children’s play areas as children become increasingly mobile and exploratory during their first 12 months. To use them in the best way, we advise parents and carers to be aware of the hazards that can come with playpens.

If children get their heads trapped between the side bars, or if sharp parts snag children’s clothing, strangulation can occur. The side bars should have good spacing and the playpen should not have sharp parts sticking out. Children can also become trapped within the playpen if it accidentally collapses.

Playpens that don’t have strong sides, or don’t have well-secured latches, may tip over or collapse if children lean on the sides. If children fall this way, they can suffer serious injuries.

Some playpens come with a floor. Those that do are governed by the mandatory standard for children’s portable folding cots. See the section on folding cots for more information.

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