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Most cubby houses and tents are safe if used appropriately. But children can trap themselves or suffocate if there isn't adequate ventilation or if they are unable to move in and out of these spaces independently.

Cubby houses are play areas constructed as small, child-sized ‘houses’, usually consisting of one room, and sometimes elevated. Children generally play inside and around them. Tents are recreational shelters consisting of sheets of plastic or fabric. They are usually supported by a frame of poles or a supporting rope.

Parents and carers should be aware of risks related to cubby houses and tents. Children can become trapped inside a cubby house if it has doors that cannot be easily opened from the inside. If a cubby house or tent does not have adequate ventilation, children can suffocate if left inside for a long period. Their fingers can also become caught or crushed in the gap at the hinged side of a cubby house door.

Also, children can suffer various injuries if a cubby house or a tent is located in an isolated area or unsafe place, such as a building site. For instance, they may trip and fall on hazardous material when exiting the cubby house.

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