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Safety gate

Safety gates are used to close off rooms that haven’t been child-proofed. They are also used to deter children from accessing potentially dangerous places like staircases.

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Types of gates

There are two main types of safety gates: pressure mounted and hardware, wall mounted.

Pressure mounted

  • These are easy to set up and take down. The gate is tightened between two solid wall surfaces. These work well in doorways where there is solid wood construction, but they cannot withstand as much pressure as hardware, wall mounted gates.

Hardware, wall mounted

  • These attach with screws directly into a solid wall or wood post and are useful to block off high-risk areas such as stairs, fireplaces and kitchens. They are often made from wood, plastic, metal or mesh.

Most safety gates are safe and work well to deter children from accessing potentially dangerous places. But serious injuries can occur if a child's limbs become trapped in the spaces between bars or if a child tries to cross over a gate.

Some styles of safety gates have caused significant injuries. To use safety gates in the safest possible way, parents and carers should be aware of the risks that can come with them.


  • Children’s arms, legs and heads can become trapped in the spaces between the bars, and both children and adults can fall and suffer injuries if trying to cross over a gate.

We advise parents to make sure that their safety gates are securely attached, with suitable gaps between the bars. Never try to step over a safety gate, especially when holding a child.

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