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Cigarette lighters (toy-like novelty)

Toy-like novelty lighters

Toy-like novelty cigarette lighters are designed to produce a flame that sets cigarettes or other combustible materials alight.

Children under five years old are likely to find these lighters appealing because they:

  • look like stylised animals or cartoon characters
  • are made in typical toy-like sizes and shapes
  • are made in typical toy-like colours.

There is a  risk of serious burns to children who may think these lighters are toys and accidental cause a fire while playing with them.

To minimise these risk, there is a permanent ban on these products in Australia.

There is also a mandatory standard for cigarette lighters (disposable).



A permanent ban on supply of toy-like novelty cigarette lighters in Australia was declared on 1 February 2011.


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