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Pedal bicycles are light, two-wheeled vehicles manually driven by the user pushing on pedals. 

Cyclists can suffer:

  • broken bones, head injuries or death if aspects of the bicycle fail, such as the braking system, steering or pedal cranks
  • serious injury or death if the bicycle’s head stem cracks or fails, causing the rider to have no steering control
  • lacerations and limb entrapment if the bicycle is not fitted with a chain guard.

Pedestrians may suffer death or serious injury if a bicycle lacks a warning device that riders can use to signal their presence on bike paths or roads.

Mandatory Standards

Mandatory Standards

This mandatory standard came into effect on 30 October 1980 and was last amended on 2 November 2004. It covers design and labelling requirements for child and adult pedal bicycles.


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Be careful when buying online - check your purchases meet mandatory Australian requirements.


There are various tips to consider when choosing and using bicycles. Follow these tips to help keep yourself and your children safe.

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