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Sunglasses & fashion spectacles


Sunglasses and fashion spectacles are darkened or polarised glasses worn over the eyes which do not magnify or reduce the size of a viewed image. Sunglasses provide varying levels of protection from the harmful effects of the sun, whereas fashion spectacles may not. Sunglasses and fashion spectacles include:

  • one-piece sunglasses
  • visor type sunglasses
  • clip-on sunglasses
  • children’s sunglasses.


The mandatory standard does not apply to:

  • safety glasses and safety goggles intended to provide protection against optical radiation
  • eye-wear for protection against radiation in solaria
  • ski goggles
  • glasses for use as toys and clearly and legibly labelled as toys
  • glasses or goggles for special use, including medical shields especially designed for use by vision impaired persons.

Exposure of the eyes to very high levels of sunlight is harmful and can cause inflammation, cataracts and retina degeneration. Some sunglasses can also cause impaired vision.

Mandatory Standards

Mandatory Standards

The mandatory standard for these products came into effect on 1 July 1985 and was last amended 25 August 2005. It covers lens categories, construction and labelling requirements.


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Be careful when buying online - check your purchases meet mandatory Australian requirements.
Exposing your eyes to very high levels of sunlight can cause serious and sometimes irreversible damage. Some sunglasses can also impair your vision in other ways. Protecting your eyes from the harsh Australian sun could be as easy as choosing the right pair of sunglasses.


  • Inflammation
  • Cataracts, pterygium or eyelid cancers
  • Retina degeneration
  • Impaired night vision

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