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Tongue stud (no holes)

No holes tongue stud

No holes tongue studs are small beads worn as jewellery on the human tongue, without the need for piercing. They have a small opening on one side only, which acts to create a vacuum when attached to the tongue.

No holes tongue studs are dangerous. If a tongue stud without holes detaches from the tongue, it is possible to inhale the stud into the lungs or airways, resulting in internal lodgement that may require surgery. There is currently a permanent ban on the supply of these products.



The permanent ban on tongue studs without holes was declared on 1 July 2010. This page includes information on hazards and how to comply with the ban.


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Injury case studies

Date commenced: 10th February 2010
If a no holes tongue stud is inhaled or swallowed, surgery may be required.

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