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Balloon blowing kits

Balloon blowing kit with tubes and straws

Balloon blowing kits allow children to make inflatable balloons using a blow-pipe and a synthetic glue-like substance. People often buy balloon blowing kits for children during the Christmas season as extra gifts or ‘stocking fillers’.

To use these kits, children attach the glue-like substance to the pipe. They then blow through the pipe to form a balloon. But some balloon blowing kits contain benzene, a cancer-causing substance.The process of making a balloon with a kit that contains benzene makes it easy for children to accidentally swallow or inhale this extremely harmful substance,

To minimise risks, there is a mandatory safety standard for these products.

Mandatory Standards

Mandatory Standards

The mandatory standard for balloon blowing kits came into effect on 26 February 1997. It specifies that balloon blowing kits cannot contain the chemical benzene in the synthetic substance.


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