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Prams and strollers are wheeled vehicles used to safely transport babies and young children. 

Prams are designed for babies and young toddlers, carrying them in either a fully or semi reclined position. Strollers are designed for older babies and toddlers who cannot yet walk independently. They carry children in a seated upright position.

There are also combination prams/strollers that can seat children in upright, semi-reclined and fully reclined positions. These are normally used as a pram first, and then as a stroller when the child is ready, thereby eliminating the need to buy both a pram and a stroller.

Most prams and strollers are safe when parents and carers use the mandatory safety devices that must come with prams or strollers.

Parents and carers should be aware of hazards that can occur when using prams and strollers. To avoid injuries, we advise parents and carers using prams and strollers to:

  • only buy a pram or stroller that meets that mandatory standard
  • never leave children unattended in a pram or stroller
  • always follow safety instructions for assembly, folding and use
  • always use the safety features that must come with prams and strollers, such as the tether strap, brakes and harness (for strollers)
  • always supervise children to ensure they do not climb on a stroller or pram while in use as this can cause it to tip over
  • avoid hanging shopping on handles, as this can cause prams and strollers to tip over
  • when at railway stations, near water or on slopes always use brakes and the tether strap and park the pram or stroller so that it cannot roll onto rail tracks, into water or down a hill
  • never sleep children in prams as strangulation or suffocation can occur if a child moves about when asleep and becomes trapped in parts of the pram or stroller.  

Children can also suffer :

  • cuts, pinching and crushing if they can access parts of the pram or stroller that may trap and/or injure their limbs and fingers
  • serious injuries if they fall from a stroller or if it topples when in in use. 

Parents and carers should always keep children restrained in the harness that all strollers must have.

To minimise risk, a mandatory standard applies to prams and strollers.

Mandatory Standards

Mandatory Standards

The mandatory standard for prams and strollers came into effect on 1 July 2008. It covers performance testing, design, construction, safety warnings and informative labels for prams and strollers.


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The ACCC is urging parents and carers to follow some simple safety tips when using prams and strollers.
The Queensland Minister for Fair Trading has issued a safety warning notice about two models of Phil and Teds strollers. There are serious concerns about the safety of the strollers, based on their stability when fitted with an additional seat.

Injury case studies

Date commenced: 8th February 2010
Injuries and death can occur when strollers or prams accidentally roll away from the parent or carer's control.


A video showing scenarios of safe and unsafe practices using prams and strollers.


An estimated 200 Queensland children under 5 years of age are injured every year in incidents involving prams or strollers.

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