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Basketball rings & backboards

Basketball flying into the basketball ring attached to a backboard

A basketball ring is also known as a basketball hoop. Basketball rings are circular metal rings usually attached to a wall, column or other support structure. During the game of basketball, players pass the ball through the ring to score.

A basketball ring is often attached to a basketball backboard. A basketball backboard is a flat board that provides a smooth surface for basketball rebounds.

Serious injuries and death can occur if:

  • users slam dunk on a basketball ring that is installed inappropriately
  • a basketball ring is installed onto brick walls around the home, such as over garage doors, where brick structures can be thin and weak.  

The practice of slam dunking places the full weight of the player onto the ring. Serious injuries can occur when basketball rings and backboards are attached to brick walls and posts that are unable to cope with the stress of slam dunking. These structures can collapse, exposing the player to falling bricks, posts, ring or backboard. For many, the potential hazard of a collapsing wall is not apparent, particularly when the ring is attached to a seemingly solid brick wall.

Most basketball rings and backboards are safe. But inappropriate installation combined with slam dunking can cause serious injuries and death. To minimise these risks there is a mandatory safety standard for these products.

Mandatory Standards

Mandatory Standards

The mandatory standard for basketball rings and backboards came into effect on 11 October 2005. It covers specific safety marking requirements for basketball rings and backboards.


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When completing do-it-yourself projects around the home, remember that safety comes first for yourself and for others.

Injury case studies

Date commenced: 8th February 2010
Inappropriate installation combined with slam dunking can cause serious injuries and death.

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