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Combustible candle holders

Decorative candle holder

Combustible candle holders are defined as objects that are designed to hold or decorate a candle, which when subjected to a flame or heat emanating from a candle being so held or decorated, ignite and continue to flame for a period of five seconds or more after ignition.

Burns, serious injury or death can occur if the candle holder catches alight and causes a fire.



A permanent ban on combustible candle holders was declared on 1 February 2011. This page includes information on hazards and how to comply with the ban.


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Combustible candle holders can pose a fire risk if they catch on fire and remain on fire for more than five seconds instead of self-extinguishing. Australians celebrating during the festive season are urged to watch out for these products.


This video shows how quickly your party can go up in flames with candles that come with poorly made candle holders or decorations.

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