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Compliance professional

Compliance professionals can provide expert advice on complying with product safety regulations and other safety standards, as well as providing guidance in a range of related areas such as product liability and testing.

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Experts across a range of compliance areas are available to companies and associations engaged in supplying consumer products. Compliance advisers and consultants are available in Australia and overseas for:

  • regulatory compliance
  • product liability
  • product liability insurance
  • technical aspects of products
  • product design
  • product testing
  • product certification
  • compliance programs and systems
  • quality assurance
  • risk management
  • supply chain management
  • product recall and crisis management
  • complaint handling.


For compliance professionals

As a compliance professional, you can play a key role in maintaining and improving the safety of consumer products by:

  • promoting good practices to improve capacity to protect the reputation of companies and market sectors
  • working with individual companies to address any non-compliance that you’ve identified.

Ensure you stay up to date with the product safety system in Australia and with regulatory changes—this is vital.

For suppliers

If you are a supplier, you can get help to find a compliance professional by contacting:

  • accreditation bodies
  • legal associations
  • professional associations.

Product testing

Compliance professionals and suppliers can benefit from understanding the role of product testing in proving compliance.

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Changes in product safety legislation

Tips, myths and FAQs

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Mandatory Standards

Mandatory Standards

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