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Selection of tools

There are lots of maintenance and fixing jobs in and around the house that you can do without using a tradesperson. These could be things like painting, filling gaps, cleaning windows—the list of do-it-yourself (DIY) jobs is almost endless.

If you’ve decided to do a job yourself, you need to make sure you are safe when using the tools, equipment and other products for the job. This page provides links to information that can help you stay safe when you’re doing jobs around the house yourself.

Always exercise caution—no matter how experienced you are

Remember that even if you’ve done a job or used certain tools and equipment many times before, you still need to remain aware of your safety and always exercise caution. For example, ladders are a leading cause of injury for the home handyperson—particularly older men. Many older men who are victims of falls from ladders are skilled handymen who have simply become complacent.

You can avoid many accidents and injuries by taking a few extra moments to check that the work area and tools are safe. Always read instructions for assembly and use of DIY products and follow them closely. 

Use the right tools for the job

Only use DIY tools and equipment for their intended purposes. This means taking the time to read and follow the instructions carefully, and perhaps even asking the retailer or an expert for specific advice on how to use the tool or equipment for the job you need to do. Doing so can prevent death and serious injury—not only to yourself but to those around you.

For example, many DIY home mechanics have been crushed to death while working under their car because they were using a vehicle jack or trolley jack to keep it raised. The jacks had failed, as jacks are not designed to support vehicles for this purpose.

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DON'T BE A JACKASS WITH JACKS. People have been crushed to death or severely injured when they have not used jacks, support stands or ramps properly. The ACCC is leading a joint campaign with state and territory fair trading agencies to raise awareness about your safety when doing DIY mechanic work. Follow the safety tips and read the information to stay safe when working under your car.

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