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Hirers and other companies who rent or lease out consumer goods play a vital role in product safety.  Like retailers, they have interactions with consumers that gives them the opportunity to help people choose safe products and use them safely.  Hirers are also just as responsible as any other consumer product supplier for complying with product safety regulations.  

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Hiring out safe products

As a hirer, there are a number of steps you can take to make sure the products you supply are safe.

1.Ensure your suppliers comply

When ordering products, make sure you specify to your suppliers the need for products to comply with safety standards and bans. You should also do this if you submit product designs to manufacturers.

2. Ensure necessary product tests have been done

Many products need testing to check that they are safe.  As a hirer you must ensure that the manufacturer or relevant supplier has done any required tests before supplying the products.

Check the section on mandatory standards to see whether the products you intend to hire out or lease require testing.  If so, ask your supplier for proof of independent testing and certification as well as test reports. You may also need to get copies of relevant standards and other documents to check this.

3. Check products before you hire out or lease them

Conduct visual checks and sample testing before you hire out products to ensure they comply with safety standards and regulations. You can visually check some safety aspects, such as safety devices and labelling.

4. Respond to recalls

Respond quickly to any recalls for your products and stop hiring them out. You can stay aware of product recalls by subscribing to the Product Safety Recalls Australia.

5. Work with your customers

A key difference between hirers and some other suppliers is the opportunity to work directly with consumers on product safety. Hirers may also have more contact with their customers than retailers, so there are more opportunities to discuss products.

In the shop

Staff can talk to customers and find out what their product needs are. This way they can help people hire safe products, as well as help them understand how to use and keep the products safely while they have them. Many hazards relate to how consumers use products. You can advise your customers about product safety by having good product knowledge and/or providing printed information at the point of hire.


Hirers dealing online can also help customers understand the safety of their products.  Links to this website and other product safety websites can help make everyone aware of product safety.

6. Maintain your products

Ensure that your products are safe to use each time they are hired out to customers. Conduct regular safety checks, as well as the necessary maintenance and servicing as your products age.

7. Report unsafe products

You should report any unsafe products and ‘near misses’ to the distributor, manufacturer and government agencies.

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View Bans for the current national, state and territory product safety bans.

Mandatory Standards

Mandatory Standards

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