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Renters sitting on the floor of their new house surrounded by boxes

As a renter, you are a tenant and a consumer because you pay money as rent for:

  • the use of products—the property and the products within it
  • services—the management of the property.

When you begin renting, you may have to provide your own appliances, furniture and other goods to live comfortably in your home. Your landlord will also provide certain goods with the property such as: 

  • curtains, blinds or other window furnishings
  • light fittings 
  • fire extinguishers 
  • taps
  • sinks 
  • toilets 
  • bathroom fittings 
  • oven 
  • cook top 
  • range hood 
  • dishwasher 
  • heaters 
  • air conditioners
  • ceiling fans
  • water tank 
  • pool 
  • spa 
  • furniture—either built-in or movable.

The above examples are more common items—rental properties can come with other goods as well.

Landlords and property managers are responsible for ensuring that the property and the products they provide work effectively and safely and that products come with instructions and safety information where necessary. On the other hand, your safety also relies on how you use the property and all the products within it.

This page provides links to information that can help you safely use goods that come with your rented home.

Relevant product categories

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Tips, myths and FAQs

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Mandatory Standards

Mandatory Standards

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Safety issues

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