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Dummies (flashing imitation dummies)

Packets containing flashing imitation dummies

A flashing imitation dummy is a novelty toy resembling a baby's dummy in appearance and size. These imitation dummies have additional electronic components that make them flash and/or light up when activated. 

Flashing imitation dummies were designed as novelties for adults and became a fad at nightclubs. These flashing imitation dummies closely resemble baby pacifiers,  but are not intended for use with infants and babies.

It is possible for parents or carers to mistake flashing imitation dummies for genuine babies' dummies, although imitation flashing dummies are not safe for infants and fail the requirements of the voluntary Australian Standard for babies’ dummies (AS 2432-1991). 

Using  flashing imitation dummies for children can put them at risk of choking, strangulation and hanging. 

There is a mandatory standard for dummies.

Mandatory Standards

Mandatory Standards

The mandatory standard for baby dummies came into effect on 20 October 2006. It covers requirements for design, construction and safety labelling.


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