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Mini/monkey bikes

Mini/monkey bikes are small replicas of popular motorcycles scaled down to about half the size. They are usually powered by petrol driven motors and are capable of speeds of up to 80 km/h.  Mini/monkey bikes are different from battery operated ride-on toys, which travel at a walking pace.

It is illegal to ride monkey bikes on roads—they are for recreational purposes only.

There are many models and types of monkey bikes sold through bike shops, markets, direct to the public and online. Many bikes carry no brand names or serial numbers. As a result, it is difficult to identify and list which models or types of mini/monkey bike may be unsafe.

Mini/monkey bikes are unsafe and can cause serious injuries if they:

  • are ridden on roads in traffic with larger vehicles
  • have unstable structures and mechanical flaws
  • travel at high speeds
  • lack an emergency stopping device
  • lack effective brakes and steering
  • lack adequate footholds.

These mini-sized motorbikes can cause serious injuries if they lack safety features or are ridden illegally on roads. As a result,  a permanent ban on the sale of these products is in place.



A permanent ban on miniature motorbikes (monkey bikes) with unsafe design features was declared on 1 February 2011. This ban was subsequently revoked and a new permanent ban came into effect on 20 August 2011. This page includes information on hazards and how to comply with the ban.


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