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Property managers and landlords need to be aware of the safety of any consumer products that come with their properties, such as furniture and fittings. Property managers and landlords have frequent interactions with tenants.

If you are a property manager or landlord, this gives you the opportunity to help tenants understand how to use products safely, as many hazards relate to inappropriate use of products. You are in the rare position of being both a consumer and supplier, so consumer product safety is doubly important to you.

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Product safety in your properties

As a property manager or landlord, there are a number of steps you can take to make products safe.

1. Ensure your properties have safe products

  • Check the list of mandatory standards and bans on this website for any products you supply in your properties—you can subscribe to receive updates on those products.
  • Stay informed about product regulations and current safety issues so you can have safe products installed in your properties—such as blind and curtain cords.
  • Provide any safety instructions that come with products to your tenants.

2. Work with others

As a property manager or landlord you can work with others to ensure that properties are safe and that tenants use products installed in your properties safely. People you can work with include:

  • your professional association
  • your tenants
  • your staff
  • consumer protection agencies that regulate and promote product safety.


3. Respond to recalls

Respond quickly to product safety recall notices about any consumer goods you provide in your properties. You can subscribe to receive recall updates on the Product Safety Recalls Australia website.

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View Bans for the current national, state and territory product safety bans.

Mandatory Standards

Mandatory Standards

View Mandatory standards for the current national, state and territory product safety mandatory standards.



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