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Exercise cycles

Exercise Cycle

An exercise cycle is a stationary bicycle used for personal exercise. Although new exercise cycles have a high level of compliance, second-hand exercise cycles or older exercise bicycles, which often have spoke wheels, are a particular danger to small children. 

Bruising, broken bones and full or partial amputation can occur if children get their fingers, hands, feet or toes caught in the chain and sprockets or the resistance mechanism and wheel spokes of an exercise cycle. Poorly constructed seats and seat supports can also cause falls and impalement, resulting in head and limb injuries.

Most new exercise cycles are safe if used appropriately. But second-hand or older exercise cycles with spoke wheels can be dangerous, especially around children. Children can get their fingers, feet or toes caught in the chain and sprockets or the spokes of the exercise cycle, causing serious injuries.

Mandatory Standards

Mandatory Standards

The mandatory standard for exercise cycles came in to effect on 24 February 2007. It covers requirements including construction, design and instruction requirements.


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Victorian statistics indicate that between October 1995 and December 2001:

  • over 140 exercise cycle related injuries were treated in Victoria 
  • 42 per cent of exercise cycle related injuries were to children under 4 years of age.  
  • 11 injuries to children required full or partial amputation 
  • the most common injuries to children were open wounds.

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