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Cigarette lighters (disposable)

Disposable cigarette lighters

Disposable cigarette lighters include all disposable cigarette lighters, novelty lighters, and cheap refillable lighters with an import value of less than $5.00 Au. 

Faulty disposable cigarette lighters can cause burns or serious injuries. Due to a risk of fire and burns associated with disposable lighters that do not have child-resistant features, there is a mandatory standard on supplying these products in Australia.

There is also a permanent ban on cigarette lighter (toy-like novelty).

Mandatory Standards

Mandatory Standards

This mandatory standard came into effect on 1 March 1997. It covers specific child resistance, labelling, testing, performance and compliance requirements for disposable cigarette lighters.


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  • 9 children in Australia under 5 years old have died in incidents linked to the use of disposable cigarette lighters from 1994 to 2005

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