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This mandatory standard came into effect on 1 March 1997. It covers specific child resistance, labelling, testing, performance and compliance requirements for disposable cigarette lighters.

Disposable cigarette lighters include all disposable cigarette lighters, novelty lighters, and cheap refillable lighters with an import value of less than $5.00 (AUD).

There is also a permanent ban on toy-like novelty cigarette lighters.

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Burns or serious injuries

Lighters can cause serious burns or serious injuries if they:

  • leak
  • spit and splutter
  • produce an unsafe flame
  • produce an unsafe flame height
  • have sharp edges
  • spontaneously ignite
  • spontaneously explode.

Mandatory standard

The Trade Practices (Consumer Product Safety Standard) (Disposable Cigarette Lighters) Regulations 1997 prescribes requirements for this mandatory standard.

The mandatory requirements are based on the American Consumer Product Safety Standard for Cigarette Lighters (16 CFR 1210) 1994.

This mandatory standard came into effect on 1 March 1997.

Does this apply to your business?

Under the ACL supply includes:

  • in relation to goods - (including re-supply) by way of sale, exchange, lease, hire or hire-purchase and
  • in relation to services - provide, grant of confer. 

This mandatory standard applies to anyone in the business of supplying disposable cigarette lighters, including:

  • manufacturers
  • importers
  • distributors
  • retailers
  • hirers.

To allow for staggered implementation, there are some cases where a mandatory standard or ban prescribes different compliance dates for the manufacturing, importing and supply of a product. Manufacturers, importers and distributors should check for this detail in the mandatory standard before embarking on production, importation or distribution of these goods.

Complying with the mandatory standard

To fully understand how to comply with the mandatory standard, suppliers must read the Trade Practices (Consumer Product Safety Standard) (Disposable Cigarette Lighters) Regulations 1997.  This information is essential to ensure that you and your business comply with the mandatory standard.

Suppliers may also find the Regulation impact statement – Disposable cigarette lighters helpful in understanding aspects of the mandatory standard.

Some key requirements

The requirements below are key requirements only.  They may help to give suppliers a general idea of the detail they must look up in the regulation.  This information may also assist consumers when they are choosing disposable cigarette lighters.

While we provide some advice on this page to help you understand aspects of the standard you can visually check, suppliers must not rely on this information as a complete guide to compliance.

Child resistance

  • All eligible lighters must meet requirements for child resistance.
  • Lighters must have a device, which stops small children from accidently operating the lighter.
  • Such devices could include:
    • a button that must be activated before it can work
    • a release catch that enables the spark wheel to be used
    • or a metal guard that must be pressed firmly in order to rotate the spark wheel.


  • Lighters must be permanently marked with the name of the manufacture or distributor a warning with the phrase, “KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN’ or “KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN”.
  • If a lighter is contained in a package when sold at retail, this labelling must be displayed on the packaging.


While the mandatory standard includes features you can visually check, it also specifies testing to ensure disposable cigarette lighters meet requirements for performance.  Suppliers need to organise this testing through specialist laboratories with the right skills, experience and equipment.


The standard requires disposable cigarette lighters to meet certain performance requirements including:

  • flame heights
  • splitting and spluttering
  • non hazardous burning behaviour
  • flame extinction
  • resistance to damage when dropped
  • resistance to internal pressure.


The standard requires disposable cigarette lighters to:

  • be tested in accordance with the protocols set out in the American Standard – Consumer Product Safety Standard for Cigarette Lighters (16 CFR 1210) section 1210.4 (the American Standard)
  • comply with certain performance requirements for flame testing, structural integrity in design and warning labelling.

Prior to importing into Australia, the standard also requires disposable cigarette lighters to either:

  • have a certificate of compliance for child resistance issued in accordance with the American Standard
  • or a statutory declaration stating that a certificate of compliance has been issued.

Penalties and consequences

Supplying disposable cigarette lighters that fail to meet requirements of this mandatory standard can make you liable for product recalls and heavy fines. For more details, view Penalties and consequences.

Importing cigarette lighters

View Importing cigarette lighters for information on importing this product into Australia.

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