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Cigarettes (reduced fire risk)

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A cigarette is a roll of cut tobacco enclosed in paper for smoking. The way a reduced fire risk cigarette is manufactured slows down the rate at which the cigarette burns and is likely to self extinguish if the smoker does not draw on it.

Unextinguished cigarettes have caused death, injury and widespread destruction in Australia. As a result, there is a mandatory standard on supplying these products in Australia.

Mandatory Standards

Mandatory Standards

This mandatory standard was registered on 22 September 2008. There are two critical compliance dates - 23 March 2010 and 29 September 2010. The mandatory standard covers performance, packaging and marking requirements for reduced fire risk cigarettes.


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Reduced fire risk cigarettes can still cause fires. Follow these tips to safely dispose of lit cigarettes.


Australian data suggests:

  • Over 4 500 fires are caused annually by cigarettes and other materials used in smoking such as cigarette lighters and matches.
  • 7 per cent of Australian bushfires are caused by discarded cigarettes.
  • 8 countries, including Australia, rate smoking as the leading cause of residential and total fire deaths.
  • 14 people on average die annually in Australia from fires caused by cigarettes, with infants being overrepresented in these deaths.

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