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Bunk bed safety

Purchase and assembly

  • Always choose new and second-hand bunk beds that meet the mandatory standard.
  • When assembling the bunk bed ensure the guardrails are secure and in the right place with correct spacing for access openings. This can prevent accidental falls and entrapment.
  • Make sure that guardrails are installed on all four sides of the raised/upper bed. These help prevent children falling or being strangled in gaps between the bunk bed and the wall.
  • Check connections and fasteners regularly to ensure they are strong and secure so that the bunk bed can hold the weight of its user and won’t collapse.


  • Ensure you get the right mattress for the raised/upper bed. There will often be an identifiable mark on the rail indicating the maximum mattress height allowed. This is to ensure that the effective height of the safety barrier is maintained to prevent children falling.

Bunk bed position

  • Make sure you place the bunk bed away from potential hazards such as lights, heaters, fans and blind cords, which could seriously harm children.
  • Heaters, lights and electrical appliances can burn or electrocute children if they are within reach. Children can also suffer serious injuries to their limbs and head if they're within reach of ceiling fans.
  • Keep the bunk bed well clear of blind and curtain cords. Loose blind or curtain cords hanging in or near bunk beds can strangle young children.

Safe use

  • Do not allow children to play on or around bunk beds. Children can trap their heads or limbs within the gaps, or accidentally fall while they are playing on the upper/raised bed or when they are climbing the bunk bed.
  • Remove ladders when the bunk bed is not in use so that small children won’t try to climb onto the top bunk.
  • Educate children about the safe use of bunk beds and their potential dangers.

Legal cases and undertakings

Date commenced: 2nd July 2010
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