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Toy guns & other projectile toys

Projectile toys
Toy guns and other projectile toys come in various forms, such as dart sets, bow and arrow sets, handguns, rifles and slingshots. Children can suffer serious eye injuries if hit by sharp flying objects. Small suction-tipped darts can cause choking and suffocation if children place them in their mouths.

Projectile toys can include:

  • guns or other pull-back toys that shoot small darts less than 57 mm into the air
  • other toys that can shoot random objects, such as nails, into the air at high speed.

For more information on two specific examples of projectile toys, view:

Mandatory Standards

Mandatory Standards

The mandatory standard for projectile toys was declared on 7 July 2010 and comes into effect on 31 December 2010. This page includes information on hazards and how to comply with this mandatory standard.


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Be careful when buying online - check your purchases meet mandatory Australian requirements.

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