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The product safety directory allows you to search for the contact details of over 200 private, community and government organisations that offer regulatory, technical, industry, legal, consumer, injury prevention and community services or information related to product safety. Many of these organisations are Australian and some are overseas.

The directory has been designed to make it as easy as possible for your to find the right organisations to assist you. The directory help contains search tips to help you find suitable organisations and steps to follow to add your organisation to the directory.

You can use browse organisations in the directory by industry and organisation type, regardless of location.


A listing on the product safety directory does not represent endorsement by the ACCC of the organisation listed or the services provided. The ACCC seeks to ensure product safety directory entries are accurate. However, the ACCC cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness or currency of this information. Users should evaluate whether any organisation best suits their circumstances and seek independent advice where appropriate.

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