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Safe Santa checklist

Ho ho-- ouch ouch OUCH! Watch as Santa checks another list twice this year: his gift safety checklist.

The ACCC has released the Safe Santa checklist to help keep the community safe from product-related injuries, illnesses or deaths this Christmas. Use it before and while you're Christmas shopping - whether you're buying in-store or online.



VISION: The screen opens to Santa’s workshop in the North Pole.

Inside, Santa is checking his list of who is ‘Naughty’ or ‘Nice’.

Santa then looks over to his sack. He picks up a wrapped gift and shakes it lightly. The gift explodes, leaving Santa dizzy and stunned with stars around his head.

The scene then shows Santa checking the Recalls Australia mobile website on his smart phone. A text box shows up next to Santa.

TEXT: Check you are not giving a recalled product

VISION: We see a warning label.

Not for children under 3 years.

VISION: The shot pans out to Santa holding the gift with that warning label on it and looking at it. A text box shows up next to Santa.

TEXT: Look for warning labels and safety information

VISION: The scene changes to Santa’s elf in the corner, who is on a desktop computer accessing the Product Safety Australia ( website. Then there is a close up of the computer screen showing the website’s homepage and a text box pops up over it.

TEXT: Be sure you are not giving a banned product by mistake.

TEXT: Use the Safe Santa checklist, whether you’re buying in-store or online

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