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Email subscriptions and RSS feeds

What are email alerts?

Email alerts provides a notification of updates whenever there are changes to a page or pages you have subscribed to. Email alerts are sent out overnight.

How to subscribe

Most pages on the ACCC site, including this one, have a box on the right hand side titled "Notify me...". This box allows you to subscribe to email alerts.

Setting up an email alert

  • Browse to the page you wish to have an email alert on.
  • Within the 'Notify me...' (right hand side of the page), enter your email address and click 'Subscribe'.
  • Verify your subscription by following the instructions the system will email you.


When you receive an email alert, the system will give you the option of unsubscribing from the individual items or from all your subscribed content. Simply follow the link provided and the system will take care of the rest.

What we need to know about you

This system only cares about your email address and no other personal information is collected. We will send you a verification email to ensure that you intentionally subscribed to alerts before we begin to send alerts.

Really simple syndication (RSS) feeds

What are RSS feeds?

RSS feeds provide a much faster method to find out when our content changes. Our feeds are updated every hour.

How to subscribe

You will need an RSS reader (or "aggregator"). There are many popular RSS applications that can be downloaded for free and some browsers have automatic support for reading feeds.

Note that not all our pages provide RSS feeds.

Setting up an RSS feed

  • Browse to a page that has an RSS feed.
  • Within the 'Notify me...' (right hand side of the page), click the RSS feed link next to the RSS icon.
  • Copy and paste the URL from the address bar into your RSS reader.


Please read the instructions for your feed reader to unsubscibe to one of our feeds.

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