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Reporting unsafe products

Make a report

To report an unsafe general consumer product you will need to select the product safety regulator that you would like to handle the report. You can choose to submit your report to either the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission or your local (state/territory based) regulator. Your local regulator is the one in the state or territory where you live.

Select a regulator here to make a report to:

Reporting vehicle safety issues

If you wish to report a safety issue related to a vehicle, you can submit a report directly to the Department of Infrastructure and Transport.

Benefits of reporting unsafe products

It is important to report unsafe general consumer products. This applies to products that have caused, or almost caused, an injury.

You may think your experience is an isolated case so you don't need to tell anyone. But there may be other people who have experienced the same problems as a result of:

  • design, performance or manufacturing issues with the product
  • lack of, or poor information for assembly or use
  • the way the product is used.

Telling us about problems when they occur gives us early warning and enables us to:

  • check if the problem is becoming a trend in the marketplace
  • investigate the extent of the problem
  • if necessary, work with businesses to remove unsafe products from the marketplace
  • if necessary, take other regulatory measures to minimise risks.

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