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A proposed recall notice has been issued in addition to the safety warning notice which warns consumers of fire risks with recalled LG solar lithium-ion batteries. This is a formal step towards a compulsory recall, and highlights the serious risk posed. The batteries are installed in solar energy systems across the country.

Infant inclined products may be marketed for play, transport or sleep. But, when babies fall asleep in these products, or they’re not being supervised, they risk serious injury or sudden death.

Owners of the recalled refrigerator should turn it off immediately. This includes owners who have had their double door refrigerator repaired under this recall. Contact Electrolux to arrange for a refund or replacement product.

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Consumers are being urged to check their solar energy storage systems for unsafe LG solar batteries, after the Assistant Treasurer today issued a proposed recall notice for specified LG solar storage batteries, which can overheat and catch fire without warning.
We want you to have a safe, happy, and healthy summer. Everyday summer products can be unsafe if they are incorrectly used or if children are not supervised.

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