Laundry detergent capsules - Safety alert infographic

The OECD and the European Commission have released a safety alert infographic for the Global Awareness-raising Campaign on Laundry Detergent Capsules/packets.

Date published: 
10 Mar 2015

Ethanol-fuelled fireplaces & table top burners

Ethanol-fuelled fireplaces and table top burners are associated with serious burns injuries. This guide provides suppliers’ information about markings, labelling and warning information suitable for this type of product.

Date published: 
29 Jan 2015

Consumer protection notice No. 2 of 2015 - Safety warning notice (M Spa Inflatable Spas)

M Spa Inflatable Spas supplied with a with a 240V control box manufactured by Oriental Recreational Products (Shanghai) Co. Ltd, a heater and an air blower.
Date published: 
23 Jan 2015

Portable swimming pool safety considerations

Portable pools pose a serious drowning risk to children. This fact sheet provides consumers information on portable pool safety considerations.
Date published: 
11 Dec 2014

What is a portable swimming pool?

Portable pools pose a serious drowning risk to children. This fact sheet provides consumers important information on portable pools.
Date published: 
11 Dec 2014

Corded internal window coverings - Installation guide

This installation guide explains how either a cleat or a cord guide can be installed to keep loose cords secure.
Date published: 
19 Nov 2014

Safety guidance on concentrations of particular chemicals in certain consumer goods

The guidance prescribes concentrations of chemicals, below which a safety concern does not exist. It includes a list of 22 hazardous aromatic amines which can be derived from certain hazardous azo dyes in clothing, textiles and leather articles.
Date published: 
21 Oct 2014

Choke Check – the DIY safety tool

Do you have or care for children under 3 years old? Get the ACCC's free do-it-yourself Choke Check tool to help you identify toys and other objects that can pose choking or ingestion hazards to young children.
Date published: 
1 Jul 2014

Baby slings

Parents and carers should take care when using slings and pouches to carry babies. This fact sheet includes steps for the correct use of baby slings.
Date published: 
20 Jun 2014

Quad bike safety - Quad bikes are not all terrain vehicles poster

Recreational users have accounted for a half of all quad bike deaths.
Date published: 
15 Apr 2014