This pack contains various materials on soccer goal safety with information and steps you can take to help prevent accidental deaths and serious injuries to kids and teens.
Wheat bags are a popular choice for keeping the bed or body warm, but they have been linked to fires in Australia—so they need to be used with care.
In March 2013, the ACCC commissioned consumer research of 125 recreational quad bike users across Australia.
A successful product safety recall has a clear message that reaches all affected people. This bulletin will give you some suggestions for how to conduct a recall successfully.
This bulletin provides information about the laws you must follow if you sell hot water bottles in Australia.
In NSW, 12 children under five years of age drowned in 2010-11, with a further 64 children being admitted to hospital for near drowning.
This bulletin alerts suppliers of pedal bicycles and bicycle helmets to some of the hazards associated with these consumer goods. It also outlines some of your responsibilities as a supplier.
The product safety guide for business has been designed to help suppliers of consumer goods understand Australia’s national product safety laws, and ensure they only sell products that comply with tho
This brochure has information about the hazards of blind and curtain cords/chains as well as steps you can follow to protect children from them.