Anchor, Check, Respect: The game plan for moveable soccer goal safety

Summary: Features safe goalposts ambassador and former Melbourne Victory Captain, Adrian Leijer. Watch Team Cubs as they anchor, check, respect their goalposts to defeat the Grim Keeper.

Published: 27 June 2012

Adrian Leijer, former Captain of Melbourne Victory Football Club, introduces and then wraps up this animated video featuring the kids’ soccer team the Cubs, their coach and an experienced sports commentator. Adrian is dressed in his club uniform.

The Cubs need to beat their opponent, the Grim Keeper, who is responsible for deaths and serious injuries related to unsafe movable soccer goals. To beat the Grim Keeper, the Cubs and their coach need to follow the Game Plan ‘Anchor, Check, Respect’.

The commentator shows how to beat the Grim Keeper and details each step in the Game Plan to ensure soccer goals are safe and treated with respect.

VISION: Adrian Leijer walks on screen dressed in his club uniform. Behind him is animation of a soccer ground with kids playing around it.

ADRIAN: As a player and a captain, being safe on the field is a top priority for me and my team. Growing up playing soccer is great when you’re taught to stay safe around goalposts… It’s not just during games: kids will be kids, so please keep in mind that goalposts need respect at all times.

VISION: The scene changes to the commentator sitting at a news desk next to a screen.

COMMENTATOR: And welcome to another game at your local soccer ground. As always today’s game we expect to see some great skills, have fun and of course for all to be safe.

VISION: A wide shot of the Cubs and their coach preparing for a match at the park.

COMMENTATOR: And here are the Cubs warming up.

VISION: The coach and a volunteer begin to bring the moveable soccer goal posts out.

COMMENTATOR: Today it looks like they will be using moveable goal posts. Unlike permanent soccer goal posts, moveable soccer goal posts are freestanding temporary structures that can be moved on and off the field.

VISION: Then we see dark clouds roll in and cover the sun and we see the Grim Keeper appear in frame.

COMMENTATOR: What’s this, oh no, it’s the Grim Keeper! He is a formidable opponent that has had great success when people don’t take the correct precautions when using moveable soccer goals. This could be very dangerous indeed.

VISION: A young player jumps up and swings on the goal post. There is nothing weighing it down as the post starts to shake and then top over. A wider shot sees the kid falling with the goal post then right before it hits the ground this scene freezes and a graphic red cross appears.

COMMENTATOR: We know some of his past victories… When posts are not anchored…

VISION: A weighed down goal with only five very shaky stakes has a boy and a girl swinging from it. We close up on the stakes and then back to the goal as it begins to fall when the scene freezes and another cross appears.

COMMENTATOR: ...And when they are not anchored correctly.

VISION: We cross to a close-up of the screen next to the commentator. Text on the screen reads: “THE DANGERS OF MOVEABLE SOCCER GOALS”. Following text shows up on this screen.

COMMENTATOR: Not many know about the dangers of moveable soccer goals.

TEXT: 40 deaths and a range of serious injuries worldwide.

COMMENTATOR: There have been in excess of 40 deaths and a range of serious injuries worldwide...

TEXT:  At least 7 deaths and one paraplegic in Australia.

COMMENTATOR: ...and at least seven deaths and with one injury resulting in the person becoming paraplegic in Australia.

TEXT: Injury and trauma to the head, neck, chest and limbs can occur from moveable soccer goals due to:

COMMENTATOR: Blunt force injuries and trauma to the head, neck, chest and limbs can occur from moveable soccer goals due to: instability; goals becoming unanchored; goals with inadequate anchoring; inappropriate or ineffective installation; inappropriate use, such as swinging on goalposts or cross bars.

VISION: Bullet points appear under the previous text, with the following text.


  • Instability
  • Goals becoming unanchored
  • Goals with inadequate anchoring
  • Inappropriate or ineffective installation
  • Inappropriate use, such as swinging on goalposts or cross bars

VISION: We cross back to the commentator’s desk. On the screen beside him is the Grim Keeper with a red ‘X’ cross over his face.

COMMENTATOR: If you follow the game plan for moveable goalpost safety when setting up, you can beat the Grim Keeper.

VISION: We cross again to a close-up of the screen next to the commentator.


COMMENTATOR: Anchor, check and respect. Ensure they’re safe and correct. So let’s watch!

VISION: As the goals are moved into position and weighing down the goals firstly with stakes. Final shot of goal with 10 stakes highlighted.

COMMENTATOR: The first step in taking the correct precaution when securing your moveable goals is to anchor it. …Yes. Go Cubs, that’s 10 stakes!

VISION: We then see the goals again but with an alternative of 12 sand bags anchoring the goalposts down.

COMMENTATOR: Alternatively 12 sand bags.

VISION: Then we see 10 cement bags anchor the goalposts.

COMMENTATOR: Or 10 cement bags.

VISION: The scoreboard ticks over 1-0.

COMMENTATOR: They hit the lead one-nil.

VISION: The coach steps up behind the goalpost and begins to shake the post from behind the sides with both hands.

COMMENTATOR: Next up, Check! The coach has ushered the players away while he checks that the goals are secure using 2 hands and shaking it from behind. Any movement means it has not been anchored correctly.

VISION: The coach gives a ‘thumbs up’ and an onscreen tick graphic appears.

COMMENTATOR: Yes! The coach has given the nod that the goals have been checked and the Cubs are 2-nil.

VISION: The scoreboard ticks to 2-0.

COMMENTATOR: And finally Respect.

VISION: A close up of commentator’s screen shows the text “RESPECT”. We then move to the Grim Keeper standing in front of the goalposts, with dark clouds hovering overhead.

COMMENTATOR: Here’s the moment where the Cubs need to ensure that no one climbs, swings or plays on a moveable goalpost.

VISION: The Cubs stand in a line together and unite in holding hands. The Grim Keeper swings on the goal posts. The Cubs will not be moved and the Grim Keeper gets off the posts and disappears in a puff of smoke. We then move to the commentator at the desk with the Cubs smiling on the screen beside him.

COMMENTATOR: That’s right, the kids know not to fool around with moveable goalposts.

VISION: The scoreboard ticks to 3-0. The kids celebrate jumping up and down together.

COMMENTATOR: Well done. 3-nil to the Cubs.

VISION: We are now with the commentator at the desk as the image of the celebrating children is on the screen beside him.

COMMENTATOR: And there you have it. The Grim Keeper is not a threat as long as players and adults remember the safety game plan when using moveable goalposts. Anchor, Check, Respect.

VISION: The screen beside the commentator shows the text “ANCHOR CHECK RESPECT”. The scene then changes and Adrian Leijer speaks to camera, in front of the animation. In the animation next to him is the top corner of the moveable soccer goals.

ADRIAN: If I didn’t stay safe, I wouldn’t be where I am today: caring and attentive coaches, parents, teachers and volunteers like you made the difference to my safety in those growing years.

VISION: The camera zooms out and in the animation next to Adrian we see the Cubs in front of the soccer goals, as well as the text “ANCHOR CHECK RESPECT”.

ADRIAN: Anchor, Check and Respect; ensure they’re safe and correct, so that they...

VISION: Adrian nods to the Cubs.

ADRIAN: …are safe on the field.