Children’s nightwear safety alert


Check out these tips on helping to reduce fire risks from your children's nightwear.

While unfortunately no nightwear is fire proof, children’s nightwear that does not comply with the mandatory standard increases the risk of fire hazards.  This means that children wearing them are at higher risk of severe burns and death if the nightwear catches fire.

Safety tips

To help reduce fire risks from children’s nightwear, remember and follow these tips:

  • Do not choose nightwear labelled ‘high fire danger’ if your child may be near open heat sources.
  • Remember even if you choose garments with a low fire danger label these can still be flammable.
  • Choose well-fitting nightwear: the more loose-fitting the flammable clothing is, the higher the risk of burns if it catches fire.
  • Contact your local fire authority for information on how to:
    • install smoke detectors
    • prevent fires around the home
    • provide first aid for burns and scalds.

See the Nightwear for children section for more safety information on these products.


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