Cots recalled after failing ACCC testing


Multiple cot suppliers have conducted recalls after ACCC surveillance identified a number of cots which did not meet the requirements of the mandatory safety standard.

Information on these recalls is available on the Recalls Australia Website.

The ACCC surveillance operation involved assessing cots supplied in the Australian marketplace for compliance with performance requirements, labelling and warning requirements. When tested, a number of cots failed to meet minimum mandatory safety requirements.

The affected cots pose numerous risks, including entrapment hazards, to infants using these products.

If you are concerned that a cot you have purchased may be subject to one of the product recalls, there are several steps that you can take, including:

  • if you have purchased a cot from a supplier who is currently undertaking a recall, please consult the recall notice to find the relevant identifying features for those cots
  • if the cot has not been recalled ask the supplier if they can provide evidence of compliance with the mandatory Australian standard, AS/NZS 2172:2003 Cots for household use—safety and performance requirements
  • continue to monitor the Recalls Australia Website, in particular the Kids’ furniture section for any future recalls of cots.

More information on cot requirements is available on our household cots page.

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