Drawstrings for children’s clothing – voluntary guidelines released

15 Jun 2011

After extensive consultation, the ACCC has released voluntary guidelines for supplying children’s clothing with drawstrings.

If caught in small spaces or gaps, drawstrings on clothing can strangle or lacerate the child. While injuries to Australian children are not evident, there have been reports in the United States of over 20 deaths and nearly 50 serious injuries related to drawstrings. Victims have ranged from the age of two to 14 years old.

To reduce the risk drawstrings pose to Australian children, the ACCC has developed these voluntary guidelines for the Australian market based on US and European standards.

Although the guidelines are voluntary, we encourage suppliers to take them into consideration when supplying children’s clothing with drawstrings. Suppliers can play an important role in keeping Australian children safe by adhering to this guidance and keeping garment styles associated with serious injuries overseas, off the market.

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Tony Minuta, Assistant Director – Recalls & Hazard Assessment

Phone: 08 9325 0634   |   Email: tony.minuta@accc.gov.au


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