Food recalls transition


This safety alert was published to direct enquiries about food safety recalls to the FSANZ website.

As of 31 October, 2022, the majority of food related recalls will no longer be published by the ACCC on the Product Safety Australia website.

Food safety recalls will only be published by FSANZ on the FSANZ website.

The ACCC will only continue to publish food recalls under the product category Food and groceries where the food product is subject to an ACL Safety Standard or Ban or where the format or packaging of the food product is hazardous, but the food is otherwise safe to consume.

Recalls remaining on the Product Safety Australia website

The following types of recalls remain on the Product Safety Australia website:

  • Foods that are mini jelly cups containing konjac which is banned for supply in Australia
  • Foods that are supplied in a format or with packaging that is hazardous, such as products with small parts that present a choking hazard, or with sharp edges that present a laceration hazard.

For suppliers: submitting food safety recalls

There is no change to processes for suppliers. Suppliers of food products subject to recall will continue to notify their food enforcement authority and provide information about the recalled food to FSANZ.

Suppliers who need to recall foods that are banned or otherwise safe to consume, i.e. are supplied in a format or packaging that is hazardous will continue to notify their recall via the form available on the Product Safety Australia website.

For consumers: searching for a food recall

Consumers can now only access new food safety recall notices from the FSANZ recalls site. The Product Safety Australia recalls site will redirect consumers to the FSANZ site.

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